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Miquel Bibiloni

Real Estate Agent
Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes

After years of experience and dedication in the real estate market, providing services, collaborating in many projects, each and everyone of them attractive, and forming human work teams; using the acquired skill, I decided  to go one  step further.

Take advantage of my career and dedicate my time to the creation of a non-existent service in the current real estate market, useful and essential to achieve the dream and the illusion of those who need it.

A change of home, an investment or advice in any project related to the real estate world.

A BOUTIQUE service, customized for that change. A complicated change without professionalism and adequate  help, delayed in time without the experience and knowledge in this kind of competitive enviroment where trust and transparency is paramount and the key to reach and obtain the client’s goal.

Since I started  this adventure some people joined me. They live and breath in the same way that I do the real estate bussiness and have the same respect for mu values and work ethic.


Matias Oroná

+34 689 726 532

Lis Balbuena

+34 600 016 526

Ruben Gordillo

+34 637 053 862

Johny Serrano

+34 616 244 804

Daniel Ambrona

+34 683 587 318

Tomeu Louin

+34 608 613 546

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